Line Up and Specs

The number of musicians on stage has varied a lot with time, from 5 members to a dozen. You can discover more by reading below.

You can also obtain our technical rider here:

Les Enroules’ Technical Rider

Musical line-up

  • Geoffroy Delmotte (vocals)
  • Julie Van de Vyver (vocals).
  • Benoît Caby (guitar). Guitars: Ibanez JS-100, Gibson Les Paul Classic, BC Rich Warbeast mk3 7 rd devil, Simon & Patrick acoustic. Amp: Marshal LM-6100 + 1960A 4×12” cabinet, Boss GT-3 effects.
  • Christophe “Tof” François (guitar and vocals). Guitars: Ibanez JS-1600, Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe hss, ESP eclipse II, Seagull acoustic. Amp: Peavey Classic 30 Jack Daniels Signature, line6 hd500x pedalboard.
  • Frédéric “Fref” Toussaint (bass and backing vocals). Bass: Musicman Stingray 4, Fender Squier Precision, Amp: Fender BXR200, boost and overdrive.
  • Thibault Helleputte (drums). Drumsets: Mapex Saturn with 10×7, 12×8, 14×12, 16×14 toms, 22×20 bassdrum (+ mic hole). Snares: Mapex Black Panther “Wraith” 14×6 brass, DW collector’s 14×6 maple. Zildjian cymbals.
  • Antoine de Pierpont (Artemix – sound engineer)


The band regularly complements its musical performances by an impressive video experience.

  • Frédéric “Fref” Toussaint performs the live video mix, along with his bass playing. He uses ARKAOS Grand VJ.

Former members

Former and occasional members include:

  • Naïkos Fabry (sax)
  • Jean-François Boulet (guitar and backing vocals).
  • François Philippart (keyboards).
  • Andrew Wynen (guitar and backing vocals). Drew is the frontman of London-based band Gelato (see their Gelato’s bandcamp page and Gelato on Facebook).
  • Pierre Vreuls (folk guitar and vocals). Pierre is one of the band founders back in 2001.
  • Julien Delmotte (cello and backing vocals).
  • Audrey Huet (vocals).
  • Hélène Dubuisson (vocals).
  • Pablo Laduron (folk guitar and vocals).
  • Didier Cronenberghs (bass, folk guitar and vocals).
  • Sébastien Tollenaere a.k.a. VJ Renourd (Video).