We are a rock cover band created in 2001. Our highly eclectic setlists are delivered through multimedia experiences. But mostly, we want to rock you!

Les Enroules are known to enjoy playing for their audience, and generously share their energy without taking themselves too seriously. They’ve covered more than 250 songs from dozens of bands. Live video mix is part of their show. At several occasions, they also create thematic medleys, or request action from the audience, for example to vote for the songs they will play.

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Concept shows

We love to play music of the artists we admire and do not want to limit ourselves to cover a single artist/band. But we also want to deliver more than just a random choice of our favorite tracks: we want more coherence and offer something more special to our audience. That is why we developed several concepts, generally involving video/multimedia and/or interactions with the public. Here are a few examples of such concepts.

Example 1. Vote for your playlist.

We frequently offer the possibility to the audience to vote, a few weeks before a show, for the tracks they want us to play. In that case we make an online form available with more than 220 tracks we have covered these last years. The guests vote, and we play what they choose, with pleasure! That makes the show as enjoyable as possible for everyone!

Example 2. Dave Grohl and friends.

Dave Grohl is one of the most productive and inspiring artists in the History of Rock music! How could we, as a cover band, not share our enthusiasm about his creations, collaborations and his career (so far)?! So we did it. Dave Grohl and Friends is a multimedia show featuring video and live music. It covers many bands with which Dave has played either as a constant member or as a one-shot collaborator (live or in studio). The list is endless, but the most representative ones are the Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Tenacious D, L7, Juliette & The Licks. Aside from the music, we also show several short videos (excerpts from live shows, interviews, documentaries, etc.) where Dave and his friends share pieces of their thoughts, ideas and memories.

Example 3. QOTSAttribute

We propose a tribute to The Queens Of The Stone Age -a.k.a. QOTSA- a cornerstone of modern Rock music. QOTSA display several features that are not found together in many other bands: they show a high level of technicity in their play, they are moved by some sort of rage, self-denial and self-destruction, while at the same time many of their songs provide a high dose of musicality, stuning melodies and grasping guitar riffs. They are able, in the same gig, to trigger massive crowd moves on almost-tribal parts as well as light-spirited sing-along moments. QOTSA is like a panther about to leap on its prey. There is plenty of room for subtlety, none for hesitation. Their music is as tight as it can be. Through the years, QOTSA has also invited or collaborated with many famous artists, such as Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), Sir Elton John, Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Alex Turner (Artic Monkeys), Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Brody Dalle, Shirley Manson (Garbage), Alain Johannes, Chris Goss, and recently the producer Mark Ronson. Video mixing is also part of the show!




  • 22/04: Private gig, Rideau Rouge, Walloon Brabant.
  • 19/05: Private gig, Ferme du Biéreau, Louvain-la-Neuve.
  • 02/07: Private gig, Barbuston, Limelette.
  • 20/08 – 16h: Arlonfolies – Apéro-concert, Rue Godefroid Kurth 2, 6700 Arlon.
  • 03/09: Walloon Brabant.

If you want to book us for 2022, please contact us.


  • 24/07: Private Gig in Beauvechain.
  • 25/09: Private gig, Walloon Brabant.


  • 05/01: Private gig in Wezembeek-Oppem, Brussels.
  • 30/03: Private gig in Rixensart.
  • 03/05: Live @ Gecko Wine Bar, Bierges (Wavre).
  • 28/06: Pool Party @ Aqualibi, Bierges (Wavre).
  • 20/07: National Party, Arlon.
  • 12/09: Citadelle de Namur.
  • 28/09: Private gig.
  • 30/11: Melting Rock Festival #2, Ferme du Biéreau, LLN.


  • 24/02: Rock Classic, Brussels.
  • 19/05: Private gig, Walloon Brabant.
  • 01/06: Rock Against Cancer Festival, Ferme du Biéreau, LLN.
  • 16/09: Fêtes de Wallonie, Namur, Quartier Saint-Loup, 16:00-17:30.
  • 05/12: En concert au Dude, LLN.


  • 18/03: Parc des 3 tilleuls, Watermael-Boitsfort 9pm. Tickets: 10€.
  • 25/03: Private Gig.
  • 13/05: St Phonie, Salle Martin Luther King Rixensart 9pm.
  • 20/07: Belgian national day, Place Cardinal Mercier (Bourgeois) Rixensart 11:45pm.
  • 10/09: Neighborhood party in Limal.
  • 09/12: Ferme du Biéreau, LLN. Melting Rock Festival with Canal’Do (Covers A Capella), Aequivox (The Rock Choir), Les Enroules.


  • 28/05: Backstage, Louvain-la-Neuve. Les Enroules on demand.
  • 18/06: Rock Classic, Brussels. Dave Grohl & Friends III.
  • 03/09: Blanmont. Private gig.
  • 24/09: MJC, Rixensart. Dave Grohl & Friends IV.
  • 19/11: Os à Moelle, Brussels. Emergenza.
  • 26/11: Ferme du Biéreau, Louvain-la-Neuve. 15th Anniversary.

Line Up and Specs

The number of musicians on stage has varied a lot with time, from 5 members to a dozen. You can discover more by reading below.

You can also obtain our technical rider here:

Les Enroules’ Technical Rider

Musical line-up

  • Geoffroy Delmotte (vocals)
  • Julie Van de Vyver (vocals).
  • Benoît Caby (guitar). Guitars: Ibanez JS-100, Gibson Les Paul Classic, BC Rich Warbeast mk3 7 rd devil, Simon & Patrick acoustic. Amp: Marshal LM-6100 + 1960A 4×12” cabinet, Boss GT-3 effects.
  • Christophe “Tof” François (guitar and vocals). Guitars: Ibanez JS-1600, Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe hss, ESP eclipse II, Seagull acoustic. Amp: Peavey Classic 30 Jack Daniels Signature, line6 hd500x pedalboard.
  • Frédéric “Fref” Toussaint (bass and backing vocals). Bass: Musicman Stingray 4, Fender Squier Precision, Amp: Fender BXR200, boost and overdrive.
  • Thibault Helleputte (drums). Drumsets: Mapex Saturn with 10×7, 12×8, 14×12, 16×14 toms, 22×20 bassdrum (+ mic hole). Snares: Mapex Black Panther “Wraith” 14×6 brass, DW collector’s 14×6 maple. Zildjian cymbals.
  • Antoine de Pierpont (Artemix – sound engineer)


The band regularly complements its musical performances by an impressive video experience.

  • Frédéric “Fref” Toussaint performs the live video mix, along with his bass playing. He uses ARKAOS Grand VJ.

Former members

Former and occasional members include:

  • Naïkos Fabry (sax)
  • Jean-François Boulet (guitar and backing vocals).
  • François Philippart (keyboards).
  • Andrew Wynen (guitar and backing vocals). Drew is the frontman of London-based band Gelato (see their Gelato’s bandcamp page and Gelato on Facebook).
  • Pierre Vreuls (folk guitar and vocals). Pierre is one of the band founders back in 2001.
  • Julien Delmotte (cello and backing vocals).
  • Audrey Huet (vocals).
  • Hélène Dubuisson (vocals).
  • Pablo Laduron (folk guitar and vocals).
  • Didier Cronenberghs (bass, folk guitar and vocals).
  • Sébastien Tollenaere a.k.a. VJ Renourd (Video).


The band uses its facebook page to gather lots of photographs and some videos as well, but the best videos can be found on our YouTube Channel. You can also go to our SoundCloud page to listen to a few tracks that we recorded. Click here for an interview (in French) on the Belgian National radio (Fall 2016).

Here are a few examples of live covers:

And here is a teaser recorded during a “Dave Grohl and Friend” show in 2016:

And an after-movie about a gig in Summer 2017:


Below are two random examples of testimonials (read more).

Les Enroules is not a tribute-band to a single artist. Despite this, they played songs from several artists even better than tribute-bands dedicated to these artists only.

Frédérick Bulté Soirées Cerise

The “Dave Grohl & Friends” show by Les Enroules is an awesome rock show! It has a lot of energy, is professionnally executed, and at the same time manages to be instructive about Dave Grohl, a masterpiece of Rock history. The band delivered two editions of their show at my place, and I strongly recommend it to any event organizer!

Xavier Beressy Backstage café, LLN